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The core competence of JetGas is the import and sale of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Baltic states. Natural gas is a clean and sustainable fuel; its usage is technologically convenient and cheaper than the usage of LPG or liquid fuels.

JetGas operates on the principle of BOO (Build-Own- Operate), which means that we will install the necessary plant for the delivery, storage, and re-gasification of LNG, handle it, and sell the natural gas to the client on the basis of its primary energy content.

In addition to the energy sector, we also offer liquefied natural gas in other fields, such as land and maritime transportation, the chemical industry or the production of biomethane. JetGas is ready to organize the deliveries of LNG, install the LNG devices and build a suitable solution to precisely meet the customer’s needs. Contact us, and we will determine if liquefied natural gas is suitable for your company.


Our references

Our main customers are energy-intensive industrial undertakings and energy producers who do not have access to natural gas through pipelines. In 2014, JetGas installed the very first LNG device in the Baltics, in the town of Kuressaare (island of Saaremaa, Estonia), and constructed a gas network supplying the local companies. Local companies were given the opportunity to quit using polluting fuel oils and make their contribution to the sustainability of the unique natural environment of Saaremaa.

Today, a number of other companies in Estonian cities and towns have started to use the natural gas provided by LNG. In 2017, JetGas will also install their first devices in Latvia and Lithuania.

Our clients are mostly from the fields of food, electronics, building materials and other industrial fields, and use the natural gas from LNG in their technological processes and for the heating of rooms. For companies using cooling energy in their processes, we can supply residual frost created from the evaporation of LNG.

Qualities of LNG

Parameter  Unit  Value 
Boiling point  °C  -160 to -162 
Density  kg/m3  390–480 
Upper calorific value  MWh/t  15 


LNG is a cryogenic, transparent, colourless, odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid, which is lighter than water. LNG in non-flammable and non-explosive. The fumes of LNG (primarily methane) are, due to their low temperature, much less combustible than those of other inflammable liquids. LNG fumes that are warmer than −110 °C are lighter than air and disperse quickly in the atmosphere.




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